Services to men can be similar to those for women or tailor made to suit your specific needs.

Personal shopping service
Maybe you are seeking a style of your own, maybe you lack confidence in the face of new fashion trends or maybe you just find the whole shopping experience as pleasurable as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! I’m here to rescue you, I love shopping and will gladly either accompany you to make it a less excruciating experience or I will provide you with a comprehensive list of where to shop and what to buy.

Wardrobe Management
If you have neither the time, skills nor inclination to organise or declutter your wardrobe I can help. Once we have removed the clothes that do not suit or flatter you I will advise you how to co-ordinate your existing clothes and identify what you need to buy to bridge the gaps in your wardrobe. I can make suggestions about where to get your new clothes or alternatively you can book a personal shopping session with me.

Minimum 2 hours
£50 per hour