Aim: Get rid of clothes that neither fit nor flatter!
An essential exercise to becoming fabulously stylish is to declutter your wardrobe of all those clothes that are weighing you down, because you never wear them and they neither fit nor flatter!

A wardrobe filled with clothes you love and enjoy wearing, will enable you to make quick and easy decisions about what to wear. This is my main aim and should leave you with fresh inspiration to confidently and easily create numerous new outfit combinations.

How does it work; what happens in my session?
The session will take place in your home, and together we will evaluate the contents of your wardrobe. We will discuss what works for you, what doesn’t and why.

I will help you to identify which essential clothes are missing from your wardrobe and create a shopping list of new clothes for you to buy.

I can provide you with suggestions about where to shop for these or alternatively you can book a personal shopping session with me.

2 hours minimum
£50 per hour